Meet Our Team


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Mike La Charite
Co-Founder & CEO

I’m Mike La Charite and I am a conference, meeting and event strategist. I’m also a home cook who loves experimenting with new methods and technology. I started cooking sous vide in 2015, and it has become an integral part of my daily cooking routine. As co-founder of the International Sous Vide Association, I am excited to help create a network to not only share knowledge with each other and learn from the foremost experts in the field, but also to facilitate in-person engagement through conferences, meetups, and other means.

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Jason Logsdon
Co-Founder & President

Hi! I'm Jason Logsdon and I'm a passionate home cook who loves to try new things, especially when it comes to cooking. I've explored everything from sous vide and whipping siphons to pressure cookers and blow torches; created foams, gels and spheres; made barrel aged cocktails and brewed beer. I have also written 10 cookbooks on modernist cooking and sous vide and I run the website. I'm also the co-founder of the International Sous Vide Association and I'm looking forward to helping spread the word about sous vide!



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Justice Stewart
Executive Chef

Justice worked in the construction industry for many years. Already a passionate home cook, he started a popular food blog “Gourmet Deconstructed” in 2011 and decided to change careers and become a full-time chef. He began cooking for a company that catered food for the LinkedIn offices in the Empire State Building, and then moved on to a sous chef position at Madison Square Garden in a Jean-Georges Vongerichten kitchen cooking for the VIP clientele during professional sporting and entertainment events. Justice wrote a cookbook titled Mastering The Art Of Sous Vide Cooking which released in 2018.


Global Agenda Committee

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Stefan Boer

Financial risk manager by day, sous vide chef, wine connoisseur, and food blogger by night. You can read Stefan's full bio HERE.


Conor Bofin
Conor B Ltd.

I am a passionate home cook and sous vide enthusiast. I have been blogging for six years and have won a fair number of accolades including the Best Newcomer in the Blog Awards Ireland in 2012, and Best Food and Drink Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland 2013 & 2014, Best Overall Blog 2014, and Best Food Blog in the 2016 Blog Awards Ireland among others. I am a highly motivated and experienced marketeer. I work at senior management level, with great organizations, helping them unearth their own creativity and assisting in shaping brand and marketing communications strategies. Read Conor's full bio HERE.


Bjørn Kristian Haugerud

I am a Norwegian sous vide, food and wine enthusiast - and a partner in LIPAVI. Food is one of my great passions, and my interest for sous vide has made me connect with many interesting people. Sharing a meal can be a truly magical experience, and I hope to help many people share higher quality meals with each other.

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Will Mairs

Will has been a sous vide enthusiast for many years and during his early years in sous vide, he always struggled with the lack of accessories tailored towards the sous vide cook. Given this, he set up SO-VIDA in order to set about developing innovative accessories within sous vide.

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Dale Prentice
Sous Vide Australia

Dale Prentice is the director of Sous Vide Australia and has more than 22 years’ experience as a chef in some of Victoria’s best restaurants. As the executive chef of Stones of the Yarra Valley, Dale cooked with many high-calibre chefs, including Greg Malouf, George Calombaris, Philippe Mouchel, Riccardo Momesso and Frank Camorra. As director of Sous Vide Australia, Dale lectures at TAFE colleges, provides training courses on sous vide and molecular technique and consults to the industry on sous vide process and technique.


Events Committee

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Dot Lung
The Mother of Social Media Dragons

Chasing foodie dreams in Barcelona since 2011 with her hashtag #EatWithDot, Dot runs a global social media communications agency in between Barcelona, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.


Winter & Lee Redd
Hungry Squared Podcast

Winter and Lee Redd, with their friend Sharon Titus, are producers of the Hungry Squared Podcast, where we talk all about the nerdy side of food.

Sheri Wetherell.jpg

Sheri Wetherell

I'm the co-founder and CEO of, and creator of the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC). I'm a passionate home cook, food photographer, and recipe developer, and I love creating new disciples in the wonderful world of sous vide cooking!

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Darrin Wilson
Fire & Water Cooking

I started cooking in restaurants in my mid-teens and worked for many different types and styles of restaurant for over 12 years. In order to make better money and a better schedule for my family, I switched careers in my late 20's to banking. I have always loved cooking and continued to learn different cooking methods and styles my whole adult life and still cook everyday. I really love barbecue and grilling and spent many years perfecting my skills with many different grills and smokers. I discovered the cooking method of sous vide about 3 years ago and thought it would work perfect for incorporating into barbecue due to the "Low and Slow" nature of both methods. I quickly discovered that sous vide allowed me to do some things I never could with just barbecue before. Making a perfectly tender beef brisket cooked to a medium doneness, making the perfectly tender and moist pulled pork, and many other epiphanies. At that time the "Fire & Water Cooking" concept was born. I started reading, learning and teaching others who were curious. Over the last year I have built a large FaceBook group, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Blog, and Podcast dedicated to teaching the mixing of sous vide, barbecue, and grilling. Fire & Water Cooking - The Fusion of Barbecue, Grilling, and Sous Vide!


General Advisory Committee

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James Briscione
Executive Chef, Angelena’s
& Food Network personality

For the past decade, Chef James Briscione has been at the forefront of groundbreaking culinary events that seek to combine unexpected ingredients in new and exciting ways.

While in his mid-20s and a sous chef at Restaurant Daniel, James was cast in the pilot for what would become Food Network’s runaway hit series, Chopped, and became Food Network’s first-ever two-time Chopped Champion.

In 2012, James became the Director of Culinary Development at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). As James was developing ICE’s Modernist Cuisine program, IBM approached the school in the hopes that they would become a partner in the “Chef Watson” project. James was the first chef to be selected for the project, as much for his creativity in the kitchen as his years of experience behind the stove in the world’s top kitchens.  The food and ideas that James has created with IBM have been featured in the New York Times, TheNew Yorker, NBC, BBC, NPR, Time and hundreds of outlets around the globe.

You can read Chef Briscione's full bio HERE.


Jacob Burton

Executive Chef by day, Podcaster and Content Creator by Night. You can read Chef Burton's full bio HERE.

Ted Eades.jpeg

Ted Eades
SousVide Supreme

Ted is a co-founder of Eades Appliance Technology, LLC (EAT), the creators of the world’s first sous vide cooking appliance for the home chef — the SousVide Supreme.  Since 2009, the Eades family has been sharing the secrets of elite chefs with foodies and average Joes alike, helping them wow their friends and avoid those regrettable dinner party disasters. Ted took the reins of his family's company as President and CEO in 2017.

Scott Heimendinger.jpg

Scott Heimendinger
Modernist Cuisine

Co-founder of Sansaire, Technical Director at Modernist Cuisine. Longtime sous vide evangelist and advocate of DIY and low-cost sous vide.

Kenji Lopez-Alt.jpg

J. Kenji López-Alt
The Food Lab, Wursthall

J. Kenji López-Alt is the Chief Culinary Advisor of Serious Eats, Chef/Partner at Wursthall (a San Mateo beer hall), and the author of the James Beard Award–nominated column The Food Lab. His first book, The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science is a New York Times bestseller, winner of the James Beard Award for general cooking, and was named Book of the Year by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. He lives in San Mateo with his wife Adriana and daughter Alicia. For more information visit


David Pietranczyk
Breville | PolyScience

I am the Culinary Support Manager for Polyscience Culinary. I worked as a line cook and sous chef for 8 years. After that, I taught culinary classes to home cooks for a short time. Since then, I've been with PolyScience for about 5 years and have worked in several positions as needed - marketing, training, product management, and R&D. My current role at Polyscience is to represent the brand at branding engagements, training chefs on sous vide and our equipment, creating content for advertising and social media.

Philip Preston.jpg

Philip Preston

Philip Preston is the President of PolyScience and an avid inventor and home cook. His childhood was spent watching his Belgium-born mother create wonderful food and he was steeped in the family business founded by his father. Over the course of several decades, he has helped pioneer modern cooking by bringing laboratory techniques to the kitchen. Throughout the years, he has appeared as a judge on Iron Chef America, served as a presenter for Next Iron Chef, and has been featured in Food & Wine magazine and Time Magazine. His work in the culinary arts has made him a three-time winner of the Star Chef's Award for Technology, Food Network's Tasty Technology Award, and winner of Madrid Fusion Technology Award.

Anthony Spizale.jpg

Anthony J. Spizale
New Orleans Marriott Metairie at Lakeway

Hi, I am Anthony Spizale. I believe there’s beauty in taking simple, locally sourced ingredients and making something elegant to eat either at home or at work. I enjoy sous vide cooking, growing vegetables and herbs, hunting, fishing, and family gatherings including: seafood boils, fish fries, barbecues, pig roasts, and simple pots of meatballs and red gravy. I am a proud member of Mr. Pigglesworth BBQ Team that competes in Hogs for the Cause which is a non-profit organization that hosts an annual music and BBQ festival in New Orleans to raise money for pediatric brain cancer outreach services.

You can read Chef Spizale's full bio HERE.

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Lisa Marie Todd
An Appetizing Life

I’m Lisa Marie Todd, the host and creator of “An Appetizing Life”, a weekly live stream cooking show on Facebook. Food, cooking, recipe development, entertaining, travel and design have always been my passions. Four years ago, I attended a culinary program in Los Angeles. During this time, I honed my cooking techniques and increased my culinary knowledge. This training inspired me to develop and produce a live cooking show. I’ve appeared on local stations and “EXTRA” doing giveaway and lifestyle segments. I have also appeared as an Everything Food Conference 2017 speaker.

You can read Lisa’s full bio HERE.


Cole Wagoner
Anova Culinary

I have always enjoyed cooking, and a few years ago bought my first Anova Precision Cooker, and fell in love. Since then, I have been a passionate food nerd and was lucky enough to go to work for Anova in 2017. I'm married to Selena and have Jett, our amazing 1 year old son.


Chris Young

Chris Young is the CEO and cofounder of ChefSteps, the James Beard and Dieline award–winning smart-product company behind Joule Sous Vide. Prior to ChefSteps, Young was the principal co-author of the acclaimed and worldwide best-selling six-volume work Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. He was also the founding chef of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen, the secret culinary laboratory behind the innovative dishes served at one of the best restaurants in the world. Prior to becoming a chef, he completed degrees in theoretical mathematics and biochemistry.