Approved Devices

ISVA does not review devices but approves devices that meet the following baseline criteria. No approved device is better than another according to ISVA. In order for a device to be tested and approved, the manufacturer must provide ISVA with a device to test; different/newly-released models must be tested independently to be approved. ISVA makes no claims or warranties as to the products and services offered in this list, other than that during testing, the tested devices met the required criteria to be included. ISVA may receive a commission on sales from links on this page.

Manufacturers: Would you like ISVA to test and approve your device? Email for more information.

Criteria For Approval

Time To Heat:
Room Temp to Low Temp

Heats 8L water from 23C / 75F to
60C / 140F within 45 minutes


Time to Raise:
Low Temp to High Temp

Heats 8L water from 60C / 140F to 83C / 183F within 40 minutes


Maintains temperature within 1 degree F at both high and low temperatures

ISVA Approved Devices

Anova One.jpg

Anova One

Anova Precision Cooker (2nd Generation).jpg

Anova Precision Cooker (Bluetooth 800W). Buy HERE.

Anova Wifi (2nd Generation).jpg

Anova Precision Cooker Wifi (2nd Generation)

Anova Nano.jpeg

Anova Nano. Buy HERE.

Anova Wifi 900.jpg

Anova Precision Cooker Wifi + Bluetooth 900W. Buy HERE.

FusionChef Pearl.jpg

Julabo FusionChef Pearl. Buy HERE.

FusionChef DIamond.jpg

Julabo FusionChef Diamond. Buy HERE.

Chefsteps Joule.jpg

Chefsteps Joule. Buy HERE.

Gourmia Pod GSV130.jpg

Gourmia Pod GSV130. Buy HERE.

Instant Pot Accu Slim.jpg

Instant Pot Accu Slim SSV800. Buy HERE.

Instant Pot Accu SV800.jpg

Instant Pot Accu SV800.

Kitchen Gizmo.jpg

Kitchen Gizmo. Buy HERE.

Nomiku Classic.jpg

Nomiku Classic. Buy HERE.

Oliso SmartHub.jpg

Oliso SmartHub. Buy HERE.

Polyscience Pro Creative.jpg

PolyScience Creative. Buy HERE.



Sous Vide Supreme SVS10LS.jpg

Sous Vide Supreme SVS10LS. Buy HERE.

Tribest Sousvant.jpg

Tribest Sousvant. Buy HERE.

Vesta Imersa.jpg

Vesta Imersa. Buy HERE.

Vesta Imersa Elite.jpg

Vesta Imersa Elite. Buy HERE.

Vesta Imersa Pro.jpg

Vesta Imersa Pro. Buy HERE.

Vesta Imersa Expert.jpg

Vesta Imersa Expert. Buy HERE.

Vesta Perfecta.jpg

Vesta Perfecta. Buy HERE.

Wasserstein SV102.jpg

Wasserstein SV102.

*All benchmark testing is performed by Amazing Food Made Easy. To learn more about their testing process, click HERE.